Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mellow Mushroom - Highlands of Louisville, Kentucky

By Carole and Ericah Leone

What's the next best thing when it comes to a soccer tournament besides playing and bonding with teammates?  Stopping to have lunch on the way home on a cute little street with my mom!  We picked a fun looking restaurant called Mellow Mushroom. Mom wasn't sure at first if this was an appropriate restaurant, considering the name and the fact that there were some bars and even a hookah lounge down the street, but after checking the place out and noticing that there were kids' menus, we thought it would be fine. And it was more than fine!

The decor was very unique-in a good way. The main floor looked family friendly with booths and colorful walls. Upstairs had an outdoor patio with lights hanging above that looked fun but too cold for us on that day. We chose to dine upstairs where there were 5 screens with various sporting events, appropriate for a Sunday, but we were easily able to talk and the screens were not intrusive. 

The crowd was very friendly, sitting at tables and sitting at the bar as well. This did not remind me at all of a big-chain sports restaurant because it still had very unique Pinterest-like decorations. There were Kentucky bottles hanging with lights and a hip splatter painted statue.

Since I had played 3 intense soccer games that weekend, I was starving. Immediately when I saw bruschetta on the menu I had to have it. Mom was excited! When they came out, I thought they were 5 wonderful early Christmas gifts. Not only did they have fresh basil and tomatoes, but also an amazing balsamic glaze that rolled down the golden baked pieces of bread. Once you took a bite, the whole masterpiece came to together like a dance party on your taste buds!

A short time later my Carnie Burger (as opposed to the Herb Veggie Burger) arrived at our table along with my mom’s salad. With the smell of caramelized onions along with roasted potatoes, I was hooked. Although a touch messy, you wouldn't have been able to keep me away!

My mom’s Enchanted Spinach Salad was full of fresh spinach, apples, caramelized pecans and sprinkled with feta cheese in a cool lopsided bowl.

Our waiter was an added touch of entertainment, reminding me of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

All in all, I am very pleased that we made this stop. And, by the way, we got 2nd place in our tournament!